Exploring and discovering classical music

The 'Explore Classical' project aims to give simple and personalized access to the world of classical music. The huge classical repertoire includes some of the greatest human artistic achievements, and we believe in the importance of making this easily accessible for everyone - regardless of age, social background and experience with classical music.

Apart from managing and categorizing digital classical music and allowing you to play it in your browser, we will help you find live classical concerts near you - all for free.

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Live Concerts

To hear the timeless masterpieces being performed live by great orchestras, soloists and chamber groups around the globe, brings a completely new dimension to the musical experience. Here you will find an overview of Live Concerts being played soon near you, and you will even be able to sign up and register your own concerts for - no matter if you are a student or a professional.

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Take part in exciting discussions about classical music and get help and inspiration to discover new masterpieces, lesser known composers and artists. Start your own music debates, share stories about your favorite symphonies, composers, orchestras or genres, and meet people who share your passion and interest in classical music.
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Why Explore Classical?

- The 'Explore Classical' project aims to make digital and live classical music easily accessible for people of all ages with an interest for classical music, but who does not have the knowledge or experience to navigate the massive catalogue of hundreds of thousands of recordings.

- The product will in its final state involve a digital database of live classical concerts, a streaming service specialized for classical music, aimed to create a tailor-made experience while also categorizing the vast and sometimes incomprehensible catalogue of classical music.

- From interactions with the user, a complex system would ideally be able to predict the exact piece of music which would fit the users mood, personality, experience with classical music and much more.

- We wish to create a useful tool for experienced listeners and newcomers alike, and thereby reduce the otherwise strong misrepresentation of classical music as something exclusive or old-fashioned.

- We want to take advantage of our time's increasing interest for classical music, the increase in the amount of concertgoers and of young people attending classical concerts, and give even more people an opportunity to experience this highly enriching and important part of our cultural heritage.

- We believe that classical music is a universally appealing and constantly actual art form, which should be accessible by all, regardless of age and social background.

- The project does not wish to prove classical music to be above any other musical genre, but neither does it attempt to abase it, making it less or anything else than what it truly is.

- With the 'Explore Classical' project we want to break down the old niche about classical music by utilizing the many advantages of social media and streaming services to bring classical music into the 21. century - both for the gain of the classical music industry, but most of all to promote spiritual and cultural growth amongst all human beings.

Erik Danciu, Project Leader

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